From the breeder perspective, Industrial Hemp is a crop with amazing potential, it has an extremely wide genetic base from which countless traits can be selected and developed. Hemp breeding will provide solutions for the producer in such areas as yield performance, disease tolerance and adaptability to regional growing conditions. To end users breeding will provide new quality traits desired by food companies, new medicinal traits and physical characteristics that improve processing efficiency.

Tritium has forged a foundational relationship with FBN Canada, formerly Haplotech Inc. and its founder Dr. Radisa Gjuric. Dr. Gjuric, is an accomplished breeder with over 25 years of experience in private industry and academia. FBN Canada specializes in plant breeding services including marker assisted breeding, double haploid production and trait integration. The FBN hemp breeding program is one of the largest programs in Canada and one of the only hemp programs focused on true hybrid breeding which will deliver significant benefits in yield, plant vigor and crop uniformity.

In addition to the FBN partnership Tritium is collaborating with other hemp breeders to evaluate and commercialize new cultivars with unique characteristics and value for hemp producers and processors. To producers and processors our mission is to identify cultivars with value that meet your production needs, to breeders our mission is to be your most trusted partner delivering reliable testing services and providing Canadian and International market opportunity for your cultivars.

The Tritium3H Team

Jayme Hunter

Jayme Hunter has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in Alberta oilfield and agriculture sectors. Jayme owns and operates a family farm located at Caroline, Alberta, he founded and manages a small community minded investment fund, and owns and operates a real estate holding company focused on long term passive revenue assets.

Scott Horner

Scott Horner has 25 years of experience in the International Seed industry and holds the positions of Director on the Canadian Seed Growers Association National Board and current Past President of the Seed Association of the Americas, he is also a Past President of the Canadian Seed Trade Association, having served on the board and executive for 9 years.