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Tritium3H, A Proud ASTA Member

Founded in 1883, the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) is one of the oldest trade organizations in the United States. Its membership consists of over 700 companies involved in seed production and distribution, plant breeding, and related industries in North America.

New West Genetics Exclusive License Agreement

Fort Collins, Colo –New West Genetics, Inc. and Tritium 3H, Inc. (T3H) are pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive license agreement for distribution of Certified NWG2730 ABOUND™ hemp seed in Canada.

Tritium 3H Partner Haplotech wins award

Tritium 3H extends CONGRATULATIONS to breeding partner Haplotech for winning the international QuickGENETICS™ contest. T3H holds the exclusive rights for commercializing hemp cultivars developed by Haplotech.

Endless Sky Inc Development Agreement

SIGNED GENETICS DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT Endless Sky is pleased to announce that, effective April 17, 2020, Endless Sky and Tritium have signed a definitive agreement to officially begin the development (the “Development Program”) of proprietary hemp varieties for approval on Health Canada’s List of Approved Cultivars (the “LOAC”).

Tritium and Haplotech Initiate Hemp Breeding Program

Tritium is pleased to announce it has entered into agreement with Haplotech Inc of Winnipeg Manitoba. The agreement grants Tritium the commercial rights to all new hemp varieties developed at Haplotech.

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Growth Room

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LOAC Trial

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Micro Propagation

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OR Biomass

Our 2018-2020 Timeline


Expanding market for hemp products catches the attention of many investors and agricultural producers.


Hemp market research shows opportunity and gaps in service expertise and capacity.


Expanding demand for hemp grain, fiber and medicinal products combined with significant regulatory barriers expose the need for experienced, professional breeding and seed production capacity.


Cannabis legalization in Canada and internationally allows for whole plant utilization of industrial hemp and a need for breeding and seed production capacity.


Tritium 3H is born from a demand for high quality hemp seed and the need for hemp breeding focused on delivering adapted genetics to specific growing regions that meet evolving end user needs. Tritium 3H is a partnership of seed production history with breeding depth and end processor demand.


Contract secured to produce 150 acres of High CBD Biomass in Oregon, crop planted and harvested, industrial dryer built. Haplotech actively screening germplasm and making new parental crosses..


Tritium 3H enters into agreement with Haplotech to develop and commercialize new hemp cultivars. Feminized hybrid hemp seed increase planted and harvested. Hemp research plots planted in Manitoba, Alberta, and BC, collecting agronomy data and quality data for Health Canada List of Approved Cultivars application.


Executed agreement with Mile High CBD of Denver Colorado to test and produce feminized hybrid hemp cultivars..


Harvest of Oregon feminized hemp crop. Planting parent seed for feminized hybrid seed increase in Arizona.


Entered development agreement and license agreement with Endless Sky Inc.


Harvest of feminized hybrid Cherry Blossom F1 seed increase completed with >99% feminized/hybrid seed. Planted 5 LOAC trials across Western Canada with 20 new hemp cultivars in test. Planted 8 sites to new Pedigreed seed production, Breeder & Certified seed.