Tritium 3H 2021 Approved Cultivars

Tritium 3H 2021 Approved Cultivars

Health Canada approves 8 new industrial hemp varieties which Tritium 3H has licensed for distribution in Canada.

Extensive field testing has been completed for the new varieties, which show exceptional yield and quality performance in Canada’s hemp growing regions. Contact Tritium 3H for details on which variety is best suited for your growing conditions. Seed Certified by official AOSCA certifying agencies is available for purchase and 2021 planting.


The Tritium3H Team

Jayme Hunter

Jayme Hunter has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in Alberta oilfield and agriculture sectors. Jayme owns and operates a family farm located at Caroline, Alberta, he founded and manages a small community minded investment fund, and owns and operates a real estate holding company focused on long term passive revenue assets.

Scott Horner

Scott Horner has 25 years of experience in the International Seed industry and holds the positions of Director on the Canadian Seed Growers Association National Board and current Past President of the Seed Association of the Americas, he is also a Past President of the Canadian Seed Trade Association, having served on the board and executive for 9 years.