Tritium 3H Partner Haplotech wins award

Tritium 3H extends CONGRATULATIONS to breeding partner Haplotech for winning the international QuickGENETICS™ contest. T3H holds the exclusive rights for commercializing hemp cultivars developed by Haplotech. “It is quite impressive to see the impact advanced genomic tools can have in trait development and reducing the time for variety development and selection. We are very excited about how Haplotech’s use of these tools will enhance our ability to quickly and efficiently screen and bring new hemp cultivars to market”, said Scott Horner, President of Tritium 3H.

[RGene]() is pleased to announce that the Canadian company Haplotech Inc. won the international QuickGENETICS™ contest, which was announced in January. Haplotech Inc. was selected after presenting an innovative project that will adopt advanced genomic tools in their breeding program. The company will receive a comprehensive cannabis genomic starter package, worth the equivalent of $US 130,000, to generate unique genetic markers to identify desirable traits, such as flowering time, yield components or pathogen field resistance.

“Breeding is a numbers’ game. It is a simple function of low probabilities of fixing many favourable alleles in a single individual. Molecular tools and genomic insights will enable us to provide a significant increase in the number of plants screened each year and enhance our capability to identify elite varieties. Quick plant screens will be especially important in rapidly selecting out hundreds or thousands of the least promising plants, saving us precious time and cultivation space,” said Dr. Rale Gjuric, President and founder of Haplotech Inc.

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The Tritium3H Team

Jayme Hunter

Jayme Hunter has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in Alberta oilfield and agriculture sectors. Jayme owns and operates a family farm located at Caroline, Alberta, he founded and manages a small community minded investment fund, and owns and operates a real estate holding company focused on long term passive revenue assets.

Scott Horner

Scott Horner has 25 years of experience in the International Seed industry and holds the positions of Director on the Canadian Seed Growers Association National Board and current Past President of the Seed Association of the Americas, he is also a Past President of the Canadian Seed Trade Association, having served on the board and executive for 9 years.