At one time hemp was a staple of North American agriculture. With a global movement towards sustainable plant based products hemp fiber is seeing a resurgence in demand.

With legalization in the Canada and the USA spurring momentum and investment, hemp Fiber processing facilities are rapidly coming online.

The characteristics of hemp fibers are determined by the genotype of the plant. Selecting and sowing the correct cultivar for your end use product is critical for success.

Tritium wants to hear what you need from your fiber plants in order to maximize your production.


  • Improved Bast fiber to Hurd ratios
  • Lignin and cellulose profiles
  • Fiber length and strength
  • Geographically targeted photoperiodicity


  • Pedigreed Seed Production
  • Hybrid varieties
  • Open Pollenated Varieties
  • Feminized varieties
  • Unisex varieties
  • Monoecious Varieties