Hemp is a Super Food! Packed with Protein and healthy Omega fats its an excellent part of a healthy diet.

The hemp food business is well established in Canada with significant opportunity for global growth. Naturally rich in Omega fatty acids and protein hemp seed is poised to carve out a significant piece of today’s plant-based food supply chain.

In Canada hemp cultivation for grain has seen organic growth of 5000 acres per year since it was legalized in 1998.

Due to inconsistent international regulatory systems hemp has not attracted much attention from plant breeders. Tritium aims to change that by investing in breeding in order to bring improved varieties to market.


  • Targeted protein profiles
  • Targeted oilseed profile
  • Geographically targeted photoperiodicity
  • Increased Yield
  • Shatter resistance
  • Breeder seed production
  • Herbicide tolerance
  • Dual use varieties


  • Pedigreed Seed Production
  • Hybrid varieties
  • Open Pollinated varieties
  • Dual Use varieties