The cannabis plant capable of producing hundreds of bio-active compounds. Agriculturally grown feminized hemp is the most cost-effective way to produce these compounds.

The chemistry of the Cannabis plant has been getting a lot of attention lately, with full legalization in Canada and many US states making moves in that direction.

We view the cannabinoid business as the business of selling milligrams of molecules, these molecules can be produced indoors at an extremely high costs or they can be produced agriculturally, just like the rest of our food chain.

Tritium is committed to working with communities, corporations, academia and regulators to deliver plant-based chemistry safely and efficiently through a fusion of science, technology, and old school field work.


  • Cannabinoid profiles
  • Increased Yields
  • Geographic suitability
  • Geographically targeted photoperiodicity.
  • Harvestability


  • Feminized varieties
  • Hybrid varieties
  • Unisex varieties
  • Regulatory management